How To Sell on Facebook Marketplace

Toys, clothes, craft supplies and furniture, you can sell anything on Facebook Marketplace. I thought I would break it down so you can do some spring cleaning and make a little extra cash. This year we started some upgrades in our home. Starting in our living room, we finally painted and bought real, adult furniture. I mean, goals. Updating your home is like the pandora's box of homeownership. You make changes to one room, which instantly mean that it impacts another room so you must. keep. going. This is how I discovered Facebook Marketplace!

Toys in the garage are more likely to be damaged over time. My kids loved this hoop when they were toddlers and now I'm happy to pass it on to a new family!

I have friends who purchase items from FB Marketplace but I was never really interested. I can barely handle the clothing racks at TJ Maxx. But when I realized our basement was overflowing with toys the kids have outgrown and furniture that we no longer need, I decided to see what the Marketplace was all about. I felt bad discarding items that were in really good shape, and I was uncertain that they would find a home if they were donated. AND I DESPISE yard sales. Dragging all of your crap that you’ve hoarded ALL winter into your driveway, labeling said junk with prices and then having someone offer you $2 for anything and everything is just a waste of time to me. Facebook Marketplace is the modern day yard sale without having to hoard all winter and with minimal haggling and hassle, aside from the occasional ghoster… more on that later.

Here are a few tips to get started on Facebook Marketplace:

Decide on what you’re going to sell. I recommend posting just a few items at a time, it can be overwhelming with messages and coordinating pick up times with the buyer.

  1. Take a few good pictures of the item. Front, back, side view if necessary. If it’s a piece of furniture or something large, you’ll also want to snag the measurements. Make sure your photo background is clean and clutter free so the focus is on the item. A great photo goes a long way.

  2. Decide on a price. When you think you have a price for the item, search the Marketplace for a similar item. This will give you an idea if your pricing is too high. Personally, I want items to move quickly so I price just a few dollars lower than a comparable product. I have even posted furniture that should go to the dump for free and people jump all over it. It’s a win win, keeping it out of a landfill and I don’t have to do the heavy lifting!

  3. Post the item! Log into Facebook and you’ll find the Marketplace under the menu button. At the very top select “Sell” and fill in the blanks. Be honest about the condition of the item and use as much description as possible. When you’re ready to publish your post, be sure to select the applicable pages it will show on. I select the local yard sale pages and the Marketplace. I typically don’t post it on my personal wall. I like having the separation from my newsfeed.

  4. When people are interested in an item, you’ll get a message via FB messenger. This is where the work begins. You will message about pricing (sometimes) and coordinating a pick up time and location. I very rarely have to negotiate pricing with a buyer. I typically get 4-5 immediate responses and I think people know that there are multiple buyers.

  5. I will work with the first responsive buyer to coordinate the sale. Once we coordinate the pick up time, I will edit the item on Marketplace to “pending” so I stop getting messages about the item.

    Most of the time I select a pick up location away from my home, for example, a busy grocery store parking lot. Our local police station has two designated parking spots for pick ups, monitored by video surveillance. In general, use your stranger danger instincts on picking a location.

  6. Meet the buyer at the designated location and sell your item! On occasion, your buyer will ghost you. It’s only happened a few times but it will be a part of the process. Make sure to schedule your pick ups at a convenient time for you so it’s not totally aggravating when you have a no show.

  7. The last step is to move the item from “Pending” to “Sold.” At this point, you can rate the buyer and they have an opportunity to rate you as well.


take a few good pictures

Make sure to use bright light and a clutter free background

Overall, the process is very easy! I would recommend starting with just 1-2 items at a time so you’re not overwhelmed. Once you get the hang of it you can gauge how many items you feel comfortable posting at a time. In just a few months we have cleaned out old baby gear, furniture, and a ton of toys. My most popular sale was 8 skeins of yarn!!! I don’t know why I bought it in the first place and never planned to use it. So far, I have made a little over $200 in profit (not just from yarn), and I’m saving for a real camera!! Make a resolution to clean out the clutter and make some extra money while you do it!

Not sure what to sell? Channel your inner Marie Kondo, and if you don't know what I'm talking about her book is called The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Ar of Decluttering and Organizing. You can catch the "Tidying Up" series on Netflix, and I also really loved the documentary Minimalism: A Documentary About Important Things, also on Netflix. I haven't made radical changes in my home but it's given good perspective on what I really need.

Happy decluttering!