Felt Flower Tutorial


I was first inspired to tackle felt flowers, after seeing them on a boutique website. They were strung along a piece of twine, making the most adorable garland. I thought, hmmm, I could figure that out. Without ever having made a single felt flower, I was naturally inspired to make a whole wreath. No big deal. I loved the outcome and had a lot of fun figuring out ways to fold or cut felt to give the wreath depth and texture. Obviously there was some Disney inspo involved.

After a few month hiatus from my first big project, I came back to the felt flowers to make a simple headband for my daughter. She wears dresses everyday. Every. Day. Not just a cute cotton sundress, but a party dress- skirt full of tulle, party dress. It’s the most practical choice of course. In honesty, I love her girly-girlness and I was excited to craft her a coordinating headband.

Here is the real deal run down on how to make your very own simple felt flower.

Scroll all the way through for instructions and pics. You can find the video tutorial on my insta here.


  • Felt- I used 8x10 rectangles from the craft store

  • Sharp Scissors

  • Glue gun with glue


  1. Trim down your 8x10 rectangle to an 8x8 square. Do not discard the leftovers! You can use the smaller scraps to make a smaller flower in another project.

  2. Starting at the outside of the felt square, begin cutting out a circle. It does NOT have to be perfect, just round out the edges.

  3. Once you have your circle-ish shape, start at the outside of the circle and begin cutting a ½ inch strip spiral. Again, this does not have to be perfect in size or shape. I think the imperfection of your freehand cut gives the finished flower texture and dimension.

  4. Continue your spiral all the way towards the center. As you get closer to the center the width of your cut should get wider to a 1” strip. Note: It’s okay if there’s a little wave in your cut. Remember, I said it doesn’t have to be perfect!

  5. Make sure to leave a 1” circle at the middle of the circle- this will be your landing pad for your finished flower.

  6. Lay out your spiral cut to organize the felt before you begin forming the flower.

  7. Starting with the outside end of the spiral, begin folding with the smallest pinch. This will be the center of your flower. I hold the center of the flower between my thumb and pointer finger as I work the felt around the center point.

  8. Continue to roll the flower up, organizing the flow of the petals and tension of the spiral to get the look you want.

  9. You can glue the flower as you go or wait until the end. Just a small bead will do.

  10. When you have come all the way to the end of the spiral or the center, it’s time to finish the flower. Use a generous amount of glue to cover the bottom of the flower. Use your landing pad or the last 1” circle spiral to flip over and secure the flower.

  11. Use hot glue to adhere the flower to your finished project, whether it’s a headband or a holiday wreath.

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