Easy Unicorn Costume


Last year, Lauren decided she wanted to be a unicorn for Halloween. We looked at costumes in stores, but they were all too bulky or they just didn’t have the charm for a sweet three year old girl. Halloween in New England can be hit or miss with the weather. Some years, it’s freezing, or raining, or snowing or unseasonably warm. When we couldn’t find a costume, I decided to make one. I decided to use a white hooded sweatshirt as the base of the costume. This gave a warm top layer to avoid covering the actual costume with a jacket. Using the sweatshirt as a base, I knew that I would have to keep all of the materials pretty lightweight in order for my three year old unicorn to A. put the costume on and B. wear it for more than 2 minutes.

I poked around on Pinterest looking for options to design the unicorn costume. Note, I was also working on a dragon costume at the same time. I found this free printable on Twig and Tale. This printable gave me the pattern for the unicorn’s ears. I sewed the ears onto the hood of the sweatshirt with a straight stitch. Lauren also decided that she wanted her unicorn to have wings. I used the small wing pattern, cutting out a front side, a back side, and a lining. I lined the inside of the wings with fleece batting, just to give them some extra bulk so they would hold shape. You could totally pass on the wings if you are running low on time or don’t have a sewing machine (or the patience).

Once the wings and ears were attached to the sweatshirt, I added a coordinating accent to the front of the sweatshirt. The belly of the unicorn just didn’t look finished. I simply took a piece of purple felt and sewed it to the front of the sweatshirt, cutting out a small heart for a little added decor.

Now that the sewing was complete, I started looking for the finishing touches. I used a feather boa to create the unicorn mane. It was lightweight, and I loved how the boa danced. I explored yarn, ribbon and some other fabric options but they would prove difficult to adhere to the sweatshirt or simply too heavy. I attached the feather boa to the sweatshirt with hot glue.

Next it was time to find a horn. Again, I knew it needed to be lightweight, but the horn would also need some surface area to adhere to the base of the unicorn costume. I used a styrofoam cone, and cut it down to about a 6” horn. I had gold fabric on hand, so I wrapped the cone in fabric, fixing it with hot glue and attached it to the center point of the sweatshirt’s hood. If you didn’t have fabric, it would be just as easy to spray paint the horn.

Once the horn was fixed, I used fabric flowers from the craft store. You could use any adornments to decorate the unicorn horn. The fabric flowers provided a little bit of a disguise for any imperfections at the base of the horn. Because Lauren’s favorite color is purple, the unicorn costume was decorated with coordinating purple.

I finished this project for under $15! I found the white hooded sweatshirt on Amazon. Before I started buying fabric, I took a look at what I already had for fabric and supplies. I ended up using a half yard each of two coordinating fabrics, and I used one 8X11 square of purple felt for the stomach. The flowers came in one package, which I found in the scrapbooking section of the craft store. Last, that perfect purple boa came from the dollar store!!

Tag me in your photos (@thecreativekp) if you turn your own little one into a unicorn this Halloween! I can’t wait to see what you craft up!