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Easy Unicorn Costume

Last year, Lauren decided she wanted to be a unicorn for Halloween. We looked at costumes in stores, but they were all too bulky or they just didn’t have the charm for a sweet three year old girl. Halloween in New England can be hit or miss with the weather. Some years, it’s freezing, or raining, or snowing or unseasonably warm. When we couldn’t find a costume, I decided to make one. You can customize these instructions to the color or theme that works for you!

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Eggless Blueberry Muffins

While this isn't a vegan recipe, it is #eggfree and I think you could sub out the milk for a vegan option of your choice. We are a food allergy family so most bakeries and restaurants are not an option for us. I will say there is an increasing number of allergy friendly options, especially in cities! For most baked goods though, I don’t mind whipping up a sweet treat of my own. I finally perfected this eggless blueberry muffin recipe, and when my husband gave his seal of approval said they were just like a bakery, I knew I was ready to share

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