21 Allergy Friendly Easter Basket Ideas


As a food allergy family, it can be hard to avoid the sweet treats that seem to come along with every holiday. Chocolate bunnies, peanut butter filled everything, and all the jelly beans. I LOVE jelly beans. While there are candy options that our safe for our daughter, I did a round up of non food treats to give you some Easter basket inspiration! If you do opt for food basket fillers, always read the labels and if you’re every in question, call the manufacturer for your specific food allergies.

This year I decided to focus on non-candy food items, items that I knew my kids would enjoy. Don’t get me wrong there will be a sprinkle of jelly beans and of course peeps! Oh man, I love a stale peep. In my Easter basket growing up, I could count on some candy, one toy and a few other nick nacks. Peeps were strategically placed in Easter eggs, maybe by chance or for the stale factor! My goal for baskets this year was to have fun surprises but not over do it. It seems like the holidays get a little more over the top each year. My kids were legit disappointed that a leprechaun didn't pee in our toilet last month... who is setting that expectation?! Anyway, here is a round up of some allergy friendly options for your little bunny’s basket:

  1. Mini puzzles- especially great if they are in a travel tin.

  2. Sidewalk Chalk- because, that’s an Easter Basket necessity! I found cute egg shaped chalks at the Dollar Tree too. I also throw out chalk and used bubbles at the end of the season so...

  3. Bubbles and bubble wands- I found this mini bubble machine on amazon

  4. Coins and dollar bills- my kiddos love finding money in their Easter eggs

  5. Bathing suits and crocs- always a practical and seasonally appropriate choice!

  6. Pokemon or other trading cards

  7. Books- books never get old and we love to read. This year we chose “Where’s Waldo” for Will! He loves the eye spy books and I think he’ll love this classic too.

  8. Mini Hatchimals Target has these cute minis with the case! My kids love opening the eggs to find a different animal, I think they're animals, IDK!

  9. Fun water bottles are a great choice. I like these misting water bottles from Dicks Sporting Goods! Great for sports, summer camp or a hot day at the beach!

  10. Mini nailpolish sets These marshmallow scented Peeps set are perfect for Easter!

  11. Bath Toys- my kids don't take as many baths, but this was always a great option for the infant/toddler basket

  12. Mini lego sets

  13. Balls! Beach balls, bouncy balls, baseballs!

  14. Frisbees, Wiffle Balls/bats, and outdoor BBQ toys

  15. Campfire goodies- reuseable marshmallow skewers or flashlights!

  16. Markers, crayons or play doh- any art supplies

  17. Coloring books or the play packs

  18. Mini perler beads, also known as melty beads at my house!

  19. Vegetable or flower seeds

  20. Garden gloves

  21. Last but not least, a fuzzy little bunny!

I found a lot of our Easter Basket goodies at Joann Fabrics, Michaels, Dollar Tree and of course, Target. I hope this list helps you think outside the basket this year! I love that Easter is leading us into warmer weather, allowing for practical seasonal items! While there won’t be a solid chocolate bunny in our baskets this year, I don’t think they’ll be disappointed! What’s one thing you expect in your Easter basket each year?!

Happy Creating!


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